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Orchid Care Tips 

Orchids are ideal indoor plants. However, for it to rebloom more frequently it needs a little sunlight. Also a little extra love.

  • Shade- 60%
  • Sunlight- 40%

Even the glare through a window is sufficient.

When watering the plant it is preferred to hose it down in a mild pressure from flowers to the roots of the entire pot. And leave it out in the garden until the water seeps out. (It is important to make sure that it’s not exposed to direct sunlight)

Orchids should be watered twice a day. Preferably in the morning (5-8am) and evening (after 4pm)

For it’s fertilizer you can use

  •  K44
  •  20:20:20

The above are blooming agents and plant nourishing fertilizer. It can be purchased from any outlet that sells such items, in any brand. (The ratios of diluting the agents are given in the package)

It should be sprayed on to the plant once a week. (Ideally)

For example:

  1. Monday morning K44 is used, do not water the plant Monday evening.
  2. Tuesday water the plant as usual.
  3. Wednesday water the plant as usual.
  4. Thursday Morning use 20:20:20 and do not water it until Friday morning. This should be the routing of using fertilizer to it.

Having said that Orchids are a variety that is very hard to kill. The above tips are to make them last forever and let it bloom for you more frequently.

Cut off the flower stem from the very edge of it once the flowers begin to wilt. (It absorbs the nutrients of the plant and delays the next bloom)

Watch out for stagnated water in the pot, it will cost you your plant! (Hence, why we advice to let the water seep out, and enjoy little natural breeze in the garden)

Check if the potting mix is dry enough for its next round of watering within the day. Too much might be a little hard for it to gulp down.